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Our dedicated employees and Board members along with hundreds of committed volunteers are the people who “make it happen” at Building One Community.  They are the essence of the services we provide and the immigrants we support.

Fernando Castellanos, Facilities Coordinator
Yenny Rodriguez
Fanny Profile Picture
Valeta Prendergast
Aldo Cabrera
Leonel Restrepo
Lupita Figueroa
Andie Schau
Nijole Vileikis
Josephine Fulcher Anderson
Adriana Podesta
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Lorely Peche
Suzanne Vega
Margarita Zimmerman
Noah Lapine
Arisleyda Riehl
Andrea Hunt
Ellen Williams
Terrie E. Wood
Gretchen Anderson
Olga Lopez
Bernadette Sotomayor
Eleanor Riemer
Miguel Carnero
David Cohen
Angelica D. Gorrio
Jenny Ramirez
Douglas Penn
Paola Idrovo
Jenn Williams profile pic
Gina Atanasoff
Dr. Tamu Lucero
Mary Sommer
Doris Victorino
Sonia Alcantarilla
Suzanne Wind
Susan Adamsen
Patrice Morley
Adhlere Coffy
Elena Perez Moreno
Patrick de Saint-Aignan
Cathy Butcher
Laura Jordan
Talay Hafiz
Lina Rojas
Bell Horwitz
Aldo Cabrera



Executive Director:
Anka Badurina, PhD
(203) 674-8585 ext. 104

Program Director:
Fanny Ferreira
(203) 674-8585 ext. 145

Development & External Relations

Development and External Relations Director:
Elena Perez Moreno
(203) 674-8585 ext. 105

Communications Director:
Suzanne Wind
(203) 674-8585 ext. 136

Grants Manager:
Valeta Prendergast
(203) 674-8585 ext.141

Events & Communications Coordinator:
Andrea Hunt
(203) 674-8585 ext. 142

Development Coordinator:
Gina Atanasoff
(203) 674-8585 ext. 131

Volunteer Director:
Margarita Zimmerman
(203) 674-8585 ext. 120

Adult Education and Workforce Development

ELL Director:
Gretchen Anderson
(203) 674-8585 ext. 107

Workforce Development Manager:
Olga Lopez
(203) 674-8585 ext. 116

ELL Manager:
Suzanne Vega
(203) 674-8585 ext. 103

ELL Training Coordinator:
Patrice Morley
(203) 674-8585

Skills Development Coordinator:
Jessica Stone
(203) 674-8585 ext. 137

Employment Coordinator:
Isabelle Riou
(203) 674-8585 ext. 143

Workers Outreach Coordinator:
Jonnatan Tovar
(203) 674-8585 ext. 102

Technology Specialist:
Miguel Carnero
(203) 674-8585 ext. 138

Family and Individual Services

Family and Individual Services Director:
Lorely Peche
(203) 674-8585 ext. 119

Family and Individual Services Case Manager:
Fernanda Moreno Soto
(203) 674-8585 ext. 134

Education Support Coordinator:
Bernadette Sotomayor
(203) 674-8585 ext. 135

Family and Individual Services Case Manager:
Nijole Vileikis
(203) 674-8585 ext. 122

Immigration Legal Services

Immigration Legal Services Affirmative Practice Director:
Adriana Podesta, Esq.
(203) 674-8585 ext. 112

Immigration Legal Services Removal Defense Director:
Jennifer Williams, Esq.
(203) 674-8585 ext. 129

Affirmative Practice Attorney:
Cathy Butcher
(203) 674-8585 ext. 130

Removal Defense Attorney
Paola Idrovo, Esq.
(203) 674-8585 ext. 121

Immigration Legal Services Paralegal
Eva Lopez Reyman
(203) 674-8585 ext. 140

Immigration Legal Services Paralegal
Leni Borges
(203) 674-8585 ext. 144

Immigration Legal Services Assistant:
Jenny Ramirez
(203) 674-8585 ext. 115

IJC Fellow
Noor Sheikh
(203) 674-8585 ext. 124


Operations Manager:
Valeria Verdejo
(203) 674-8585 ext. 132

Office Manager:
Lupita Figueroa
(203) 674-8585 ext. 117

Data and Systems Manager:
Sophia Corsaro
(203) 674-8585 ext. 147

Outreach and Marketing Coordinator:
Lina Rojas
(203) 674-8585 ext. 123

Facilities Coordinators:
Fernando Castellanos,
Leonel Restrepo,
Yenny Rodriguez,
Doris Victorino
(203) 674-8585 ext. 110

Board of Directors

• Eleanor Riemer, Chair
• Mary Sommer, Vice Chair
• Ellen Williams, Secretary
• Susan Adamsen, Treasurer


• Sonia Alcantarilla
• Aldo Cabrera
• Adhlere Coffy
• David Cohen
• Josephine Fulcher Anderson
• Angelica D. Gorrio
• Talay Hafiz
• Belle Horwitz
• Laura Jordan
• Noah Lapine
• Dr. Tamu Lucero
• Douglas R. Penn
• Arisleyda Riehl
• Patrick de Saint-Aignan
• Andy Schau
• Terrie E. Wood


• Christopher Geotes, Esq., Pro-Bono Counsel

Past Board Members

• Jeannette Ayerza
• Ana Maria Badash*
• Bia Bettamio
• The Rev. Jean-Luc Charles
• Jorge Chiluisa
• Beatrice Chodosh*
• Angeles Dam
• Melanie Danisi
• Carmen Domonkos
• Anne Downey
• Ginny Fox
• Sarita Hanley*
• Ellen Isidro
• The Rev. Tommie Jackson
• Maryann Kann
• Earl Kim
• Bruce Koe*
• Peter Krane*
• Hana Lane
• Rev. Mark Lingle*
• Robie Livingstone
• Mary Luvera
• Mary Maarbjerg*
• Eilish Main
• Eva Maldonado*
• Alex Martinez
• Mike Meyer*
• Ted Michelfelder
• Caroline Murray*
• Cathy Ostuw*
• Rev. Juan David Paniagua*
• The Rev. Edward Pardoe
• Diane Rosenthal*
• Maria Sandoval
• David Smith*
• Aleksandr Troyb
• Mirellise Vazquez
• Kathleen Walsh*
• Arthur Wit
• Ximena Velasquez
• Jose Luis Zepeda

*Founding Board Members

• Catalina Samper Horak, Founding Executive Director

• William Malpica, Esq., former Pro-Bono Counsel


We are currently looking for a:

Immigration Legal Services Director

Facilities Coordinator

To apply for this position, please submit a cover letter and resume to No telephone calls, please.


Because It Takes a Village to Build One Community.

Our partners are essential to the success of our work at Building One Community and to the advancement of our mission.

From devoted volunteers who share their time and skills, to the generous donors providing financial or in-kind support, to the community and program partners that work with us hand in hand to make our life-changing programs a reality. Together we act as a beacon of hope to the immigrant community.

The deep appreciation we have for our partners is boundless. Without you, we simply could not be the Center for Immigrant Opportunity.

Our Community and Program Partners include:

Building One Community is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Stay in touch:

Follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletters.

Building One Community is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Stay in touch:

Follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletters.

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