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Police Sgt. Adriana Molina is Stamford’s 2024 citizen of the year: ‘She’s always behind the scenes’

adriana molina coty

By Brianna Gurciullo, The Stamford Advocate

STAMFORD — On Friday morning, Sgt. Adriana Molina entered a room in the city police department’s headquarters and stepped to the side, thinking she had walked into an event for her retiring boss.

Urged to walk further into the room, Molina was met with applause and cheers from family, city officials and other members of the Stamford community who were gathered in one corner. Hung up on a wall was a sign recognizing Molina as the city’s 2024 citizen of the year.

“Wow. Thank you. Wow,” a smiling Molina said.

It is a tradition for citizen-of-the-year honorees to learn about their selection as a surprise. Rick Redniss, a leader of the award program, said the turnout for Molina’s “ambush” was the largest he had ever seen. A mix of civilians and fellow police officers were in attendance.

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