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Lamont and state treasurer celebrate first two months of ‘Baby Bonds’ in Stamford


By Ken Dixon, CT Insider

STAMFORD — Lilian Aquino, holding her newborn Daelin, has a little less to worry about because the state's first-in-the-nation Baby Bonds Trust means that in 18-to-30 years, her daughter will have tens of thousands of dollars for college, a down payment on a home, start a business, or anything else she might need as a young adult.

Aquino, who is the face of the program, spoke in Spanish during an event Monday at the local Boys and Girls Club celebrating the program that creates accounts of $3,200 for every child born to parents in the low-income HUSKY health care program on or after July 1. The program was the result of negotiations among state lawmakers led by Sen. Patricia Billie Miller, D-Stamford, State Treasurer Erick Russell and a once skeptical Gov. Ned Lamont.

"Baby Bonds is an initiative that gives us hope as mothers because it will help our children, providing an economic base to build a future and open up opportunities," Aquino said through a translator.

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