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Building One Community Hosted 8th Annual Colloquium at The Village!

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By Building One Community, The Patch

Building One Community (B1C), the center for immigrant opportunity, hosted its 8th Annual Colloquium on September 19th at the Village in Stamford, CT. This year, the panel discussion focused on the positive aspects of immigration as a driving force for economic growth. Almost 200 attendees gathered to hear the insightful and captivating discussion.

Anka Badurina, PhD, Executive Director of B1C, introduced the panel and emphasized the incredible value that immigrants bring to our nation and the importance of changing the conversation. “In a time when the subject of immigration is often negatively portrayed, it is crucial to collectively acknowledge the incredible value that immigrants bring to our nation. At B1C, we are determined to change the narrative and highlight the positivity that our new neighbors from all over the world offer: a unique perspective, rich traditions, and amazing talents that are woven into the very fabric of our community,” stated Badurina.

The panel featured esteemed experts, including Dr. Tamu Lucero, Muz Chishti, David Kallick, and Carlos Alvarez.

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