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A Letter of Support from Advocates for the Immigrant Community

To the editor:

We were very distressed to read the article on page one of your August 16 edition about allegations against Building One Community. We are immigrants ourselves, and advocates for the immigrant community in Stamford.

We would like to go on record as saying that we have spent hundreds of hours at Building One Community over the years since it opened, and have worked both inside and outside the Center with many of Stamford’s day laborers, and have never, ever seen or heard of any behavior by B1C staff or volunteers that is anything like what has been alleged by the former employee who is referenced in your article.

In our experience, and in that of many other immigrants that we have worked with in the community, Building One Community has been a wonderful place where immigrants get the best of services and are treated kindly and respectfully.

We hope that you will follow up on this article, after the CHRO complaint is investigated, so that B1C is vindicated, and their excellent reputation is restored.




Ana Badash                                            Rosa Colon

Rosemary Filgueiras                            Roberto Colon

Eva Padilla                                              Audrey Camino

Edvin Ramirez                                       Cecilia Rios Niño

Maria Sandoval                                     Angeles Dam

Maria Millan                                           Michael Hernandez

Antonia Better-Wirz                            Gloria Finn

Leonel Arenas                                       Afranio Araujo

David Yika                                              Mike Meyer

Mercedes Nacarino                             Roberto Aveiro

Maria Sol Yika                                       Beatrice Chodosh

Jennie Kogan                                       Carla Esquivel

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