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CT not seeing migrant influx, but is prepared to address any that get bused in: officials

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By Jeremy Chen, NBC Connecticut

As the neighboring states of New York and Massachusetts deal with an influx of migrants, we’re taking a look at whether Connecticut is seeing any effects and whether it’s prepared.

Buses full of migrants from the southern border continue to arrive in New York City, testing the patience of city leaders.

“We have no more room in the city,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said back in July 2023.

In Massachusetts, the governor has declared a state of emergency with migrants being dropped off most notably in Martha’s Vineyard in 2022.

But in Connecticut, immigrant advocacy groups say they haven’t seen an influx.

“I don’t believe we’re seeing the same numbers as New York. We’re also not seeing folks, at least to my knowledge come in on busses, coming in in large groups,” Susan Schnitzer, president and CEO for the CT Institute for Refugees and Immigrants (CIRI), said.

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